Episode #232: Buy Me Some Primaries and Cracker Jack

It was a big primary night Tuesday in California, and KQED’s Scott Shafer has all the key results.  The big takeaway: Democrats didn’t get shut out of some key House races because of the state’s unique “Top Two” system; it looks like there will be a Democrat and a Republican in all seven congressional districts come November, districts carried by Hillary Clinton in 2016, contests where the Dems smell victory.

If baseball is America’s pastime and politics is, well, politics, then a new book by Curt Smith brings them both to life.  The Presidents and the Pastime: The History of Baseball & the White House is a delightful confluence of both topics, and Curt is on the program with great anecdotes.

And we go back 50 years to that awful week in June of 1968, when Sen. Robert Kennedy wins the Democratic primary in California, gets shot moments after declaring victory, and dies some 25 hours later.  Jack Ohman, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Sacramento Bee, was a young boy in 1968 who still remembers the day he attended Bobby’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery with his parents.

Photo via the The U.S. National Archives

Music used in this podcast:

Martha My Dear by The Beatles

Going To California by Led Zeppelin

The Baseball Song by Corey Smith

Hello, Lyndon! by Ed Ames

Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel

2 thoughts on “Episode #232: Buy Me Some Primaries and Cracker Jack”

  1. I love political junkie, baseball, and politics in general but had to turn it off when Curt Smith excluded half of the population by saying (paraphrasing here) ‘Not to be sexist but little boys grow up on politics and baseball.’ It was wildly sexist. What does he think little girls in this country are raised on? He discredited himself.

    • You know something, I heard it too and was disappointed that I didn’t say something. My error for not correcting him.


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