Episode #22: Big decisions for SCOTUS & Jeb Bush

The Supreme Court, in its McCutcheon v. FEC decision, has eliminated even more restrictions on the amount citizens can contribute to federal political campaigns.  Now, says SCOTUSBlog.com editor Amy Howe, the question is what is next to fall.  And North Carolina’s got the most expensive Senate race in the country this year.  University of North Carolina professor Ferrel Guillory talks about how money is playing in the battle for Sen. Kay Hagan’s seat.

Then Thomas Rath, a longtime influential New Hampshire Republican, discusses the pros and cons of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush running for president.  Bush, who says he will make a decision by the end of the year, has plenty of both.

And finally, “this week in history” goes back to April of 1990, when Ann Richards won the Democratic Party runoff for governor of Texas.  Originally a clear underdog, she capitalized on her opponents mistakes and her own charm to win the race.  Cathy Bonner, a close personal friend of Richards, remembers her late friend and her surprise come-from-behind victory.


Additional credits:

Ken Rudin, Host and Executive Producer
A.D. Quig, Producer and Editor
Kristen Sorensen, Associate Producer and Business Manager
Douglas Bell, Web Producer and Videographer
Alex Drewenskus, Engineer

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