Episode #219: And The Oscar Goes To…

It appears that for all the angst over how to respond to the latest mass shootings, this time in Parkland, Florida, Congress is not in any hurry to enact new gun laws.  But what about the legislature in Florida, which is controlled by Republicans?  Adam Smith of the Tampa Bay Times talks politics, guns, and reality as the Sunshine State prepares for a major midterm election season.

Sure, the talk at Sunday’s Academy Awards was about women’s rights and harassment and pay equality.  But what happened to the Trump jokes?  Or political rants in general?  Bob Mondello of NPR talks about the rich history of political comedy and commentary at the Oscars.

Mississippi Republican Thad Cochran announced this week he will step down on April 1 after nearly 40 years in the Senate.  Emily Wagster Pettus of the Associated Press talks about Cochran’s career, the battle to replace him, and what the new vacancy means for the state’s other Senate race, where Sen. Roger Wicker is being challenged in the primary by arch-conservative Chris McDaniel.

Photo from Disney/ABC via Flickr

Music used in this podcast:

My Song by The Moody Blues

Blood and Fire by Indigo Girls

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Mississippi Song by Jim Weatherly 

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