Episode #218: On Guns, Does Anything Change?

The latest incident of gun violence has led to the predictable debate about what Congress can, and will, do.  Harry Wilson of Roanoke College reminds us that while previous shootings may have moved public opinion, they haven’t moved lawmakers.  And he thinks that may be the same outcome after the horror in Parkland, Florida.

Dianne Feinstein has been in the Senate for more than a quarter century and always wins re-election by sizable margins.  But she also always has problems with California Democratic activists, as was the case last weekend at the state party convention in San Diego.  Scott Shafer of radio station KQED reports that while she didn’t get the kind of reception she would have preferred, it still doesn’t take away the fact that remains a big favorite over her challenger from the left, state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon.

Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College is focusing on the March 13 special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.  President Trump carried the district by 20 percentage points in 2016, and the previous Republican incumbent in the district, Tim Murphy, often ran unopposed.  But GOP leaders are nervous about the chances of their candidate in the special.  Either way, both parties see the race as a referendum on the president.

And Brian Ellison of radio station KCUR analyzes the situation of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, considered a rising star in the GOP whose political future looks less promising, now that he has confessed to an extramarital affair and has been indicted for allegedly threatening his mistress against revealing their relationship.  Impeachment proceedings may begin if the governor continues to insist he won’t resign.

Music used in this podcast:

Uprising by Muse

Jackie’s Strength by Tori Amos 

The Times They Are A-Changin’ by Bob Dylan

Runnin’ Down a Dream by Tom Petty

Film At Eleven by the David Nelson Band

The Thrill Is Gone by B.B. King 

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