Episode #216: Kelly On The Ropes

There have been many crises and mini-crises in the Trump White House, but usually they seem to vanish pretty quickly … as new ones pop up.  But the current imbroglio involving former staff secretary Rob Porter and the accusations that he physically assaulted two ex-wives and what White House Chief of Staff John Kelly knew about the Porter situation (and when did he know it) hasn’t gone away.  A week later and there are still conflicting stories coming out of the administration about the entire situation.  Chris Whipple, author of “The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency,” talks about Kelly’s credibility and whether he is long for his job.

Rep. Dan Lipinski is a conservative Democrat representing Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.  He is also facing a tough primary opponent next month who is taking issue with Lipinski’s anti-abortion rights views.  Meanwhile, the candidate running unopposed on the Republican line is a proud neo-Nazi Holocaust denying white supremacist.  Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times analyzes what’s at stake.

And it was 19 years ago this week that the Senate acquitted President Bill Clinton on perjury and obstruction of justice charges over his actions in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  One of the key “not guilty” votes was cast by John Warner, a conservative Republican from Virginia.  Warner talks about that vote … as well as memories from his 30-year Senate career.

Music used in this podcast:

Leader Of The Pack by The Shangri-Las

Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane

That’s Life by Frank Sinatra

State of the Union by Rise Against

Getting Away With It by Electronic

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