Episode #215: One Dare Call It Treason

There doesn’t seem to be any letting up in the war between Democrats and Republicans in the House over the propriety of the investigation into President Trump and Russia.  Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have released a memo that claims the Justice Department and FBI’s inquiry is filled with bias against Trump.  Democrats, who are offering their own memo of rebuttal, arguing that Republicans are less interested in getting at the truth and more interested in protecting the president.  Aaron Blake of the Washington Post tries to make sense of it all.

Amy Howe, an independent contractor, and reporter with SCOTUSBlog, offers a comprehensive analysis of the issue of partisan redistricting that is before the Supreme Court right now — an issue both parties are looking at with great interest.

Dan Nowicki of the Arizona Republic sizes up his state’s Senate race for the seat of the retiring GOP incumbent, Jeff Flake.

And Rick Pearson of the Chicago Tribune takes us back 11 years to a cold day in Springfield, Illinois, when Barack Obama, in the Senate just two years, announced he wanted to be president of the United States — a move widely seen as gutsy and audacious at the time.

Music used in this podcast:

Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John

Burning Down the House by Talking Heads

Where Do We Draw the Line by  Poets of the Fall

Take It Easy By the Eagles

Wish Them Well by Rush

High Hopes by Frank Sinatra

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