Rebroadcast: Don’t Know Much About History?

There are lots of reasons why so many of you have become sick of what’s going on in Washington.  For Ken Rudin, he is just sick … period.  He has caught what so many others have and has lost his voice.  So this week, we’re going into the vault for some great archival Political Junkie segments.

Before there were Bushes & Clintons, there were the Tafts.  Former Ohio Gov. Bob Taft remembers his grandfather, Mr. Republican himself, Sen. Robert A. Taft.

John Dickerson, the host of “Face the Nation,” has a new book that is filled with his favorite political moments in history.  He brings many of them to life, not only in his book “Whistlestop,” but on the Political Junkie.

And, Larry Tye talks about his new biography, “Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon,” and chronicles how RFK went from working with Joe McCarthy in the early 1950s to fighting for peace in Vietnam and social justice in the 1960s … until his tragic assassination in 1968.

Music used in this podcast:

A Family Affair by Sly & The Family Stone

Howard Dean Mega Mix

Abraham, Martin & John by Dion

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