Episode #209: Crimson Tide Goes Blue

The shock of the Senate result in Alabama has yet to wear off.  NPR’s Mara Liasson talks about Doug Jones’ upset victory and what it means for President Trump, Steve Bannon, Democratic morale and the 2018 midterm elections.

Robert Merry has a new biography out on William McKinley, the nation’s 25th president.  Often under-valued by historians, McKinley is given a new look by Merry, who sees the Ohioan as one of the key figures in America’s growth in the early 20th century.

Annise Parker, the former mayor of Houston who is openly gay, talks about her new role that will recruit and finance LGBTQ political candidates for 2018.

And we go back to 1974 and the sex scandal that helped bring down Wilbur Mills, perhaps the most powerful member of Congress.  David Rosen, who focuses on sex and politics, reminds us of how Mills’ obsession with stripper Fanne Foxe led to his political demise.

Music used in this podcast:

We Gotta Get You a Woman by Todd Rundgren

I Know (You Don’t Love Me No More) by Barbara George

Conquistador by Procol Harum

Both Sides Now by Judy Collins

Rose Colored Glasses by Kelly Rowland

All You Ever Think About Is Sex by the Sparks

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