Episode #208: Who’s Naughty, Who’s Nice on Capitol Hill

The resignation of John Conyers and, apparently, Al Franken — coming at the same time the president of the United States is rooting for a Roy Moore victory in Alabama — is just one indication of how the two parties see the issue of sexual harassment in Congress.  Carl Hulse of the New York Times explains the disparate party viewpoints.

The death Sunday of John Anderson, the former Republican congressman from Illinois who made a bid for president in 1980, led to two segments this week.  First, Ron Rapoport, a professor at William and Mary College in Virginia and an expert on third party and independent candidates, says that Anderson played a significant role in the 1980 election … but by being denied a chance to appear in the debates, his influence was severely limited.  And we also speak with Diane Anderson, one of John Anderson’s five children, who talks about her dad less as a politician and more as a human being.

And we replay an interview we conducted three years ago with former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, whose ill-advised comments praising Strom Thurmond at his 2002 birthday celebration helped end his congressional career.

Music used in this podcast:

Cities by Talking Heads

Divisionary (Do The Right Thing) by Ages and Ages

When The Battle Is Over by Delaney & Bonnie

Indian Summer by The Doors

Thanks A Lot by Raffi

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