Episode #195: Sitting On The DACA The Bay

Remember all the things Congress needed to get done this fall?  Carl Hulse of the New York Times explains that many of the lawmakers’ priorities have shifted in the wake of the unexpected huge expense of paying for the cleanup in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and, to add to the misery, Hurricane Irma.

Jennifer Duffy of the Cook Political Report gives us an early-bird look at the Senate seats up in 2018. The numbers favor the GOP; of the 33 seats up, 25 are currently held by Democrats, leaving them more vulnerable. But the poor approval ratings for President Trump may temper some of the Republicans’ hopes.

Democrats have their own problems, with lingering resentments between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Now Clinton, in her post-election book entitled “What Happened,” explains why she lost … and includes some swipes at Sanders, her rival for the Dem nomination last year. Aaron Blake of the Washington Post has analysis.

And we go back 50 years, to September of 1967, when the presidential hopes of Michigan Governor George Romney were damaged when, in a TV interview, he talked about being “brainwashed” while touring Vietnam. Scott Romney, son of George — and brother of Mitt — talks about how the gaffe, which became more logical as the years went by and Americans learned more about how the war was going, hurt his father’s campaign.

Photo via REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Music used in this podcast:

Nothing But The Truth by Procol Harum

(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding

I Predict by the Sparks

What Happened by Corey Smith

My Old Man by Ian Dury and the Blockheads

Brainwashed by George Harrison 

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4 Responses

  1. F. Scheuer says:

    I think that the show (9/10) was well format subject wise. The music nicely accents. I’m a listener.

  2. KGiffen says:

    Regular listener. So disappointed about your “early look” on the Clinton book. Rogers talked about what Hillary is trying to say in her book without reading it! It was such a lazy piece. So the story is what the reviewer and others are saying about a few paragraphs from a book they have not read? This just perpetuates simplistic notions about the 2016 election and Clinton. Why didn’t you wait and have some one do this after they reading the book? Hey, like me! I actually read it. Try that next time. So disappointed in you.

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