Episode #192: An Unorthodox Running Mate

We open the program by hearing from two voices related to the violence and tragedy last Saturday at Charlottesville.  M.A. Sullivan, a longtime resident of the college town, attended the rally to give support to the counter-protesters and witnessed some of the awful confrontations first hand.  And Mark Potok, formerly with the Southern Poverty Law Center and a longtime observer of rightwing extremism and white supremacist hate groups, talked about how many of these once-upon-a-time fringe figures have received more attention and coverage since Donald Trump’s election last year.

While there has been lots of focus on Republican infighting in the age of Trump, the Democrats have some healing to do as well. Zack Fink of New York 1 talks about party disunity in the Empire State, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo is widely expected to win a third term next year and may be looking beyond 2018 for a presidential bid two years after that.  And Seema Mehta of the Los Angeles Times explains how a contest for California state Democratic chair, which took place back in May, is still causing headaches for the party, as the losing candidate has yet to concede and the tension is reminding many of the Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders battle that split the Dems back in 2016.

And 17 years after becoming the first Jew to be named to a major party presidential ticket, former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman talks about his run for VP in 2000, his party’s dilemma over how to deal with Bill Clinton’s flaws during that campaign, and how close he came to being named John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

Photo via Pete Souza/Chicago Tribune

Music used in this podcast:

Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire

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  1. We LOVE you, Ken. You provide the most wit (yeah, even the puns!) and the most insightful news coverage to be found anywhere! Thanks!


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