Episode #191: No Delay For Delaney — The Road from the House to the White House

We’re still some 30 months or so away from the 2020 presidential primaries, but already there is a candidate in the race hoping to take on President Trump.  It’s John Delaney, a three-term Democratic congressman from Maryland, who talks about his effort and why he thinks he has a shot.

There is a new White House chief of staff, and it’s John Kelly.  The former Homeland Security secretary is seen as a strong disciplinarian, and that’s usually a good attribute for a COS.  But, as Chris Whipple — author of a great history of the job, “The Gatekeepers” — points out, it may not fit with the style of the president of the United States.  Whipple discusses the best, and the not so best, chiefs of staff.

Martha Kumar of Towson University talks about the relationship, whatever there is of it, between Donald Trump and the media.  It’s been poisonous from Day One, and it does remind some of how Richard Nixon viewed the press during his time in office.

And with Alabama voters going to the polls on Tuesday, Gigi Douban of WBHM in Birmingham handicaps the top three Republicans running for the Senate seat formerly held by Jeff Sessions.

Photo via Kim Hairston/Baltimore Sun/TNS

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