Episode #19: Scott Brown moves, the ’97 Newt mutiny, & mourning Reubin Askew

Scott Brown’s likely entry into the New Hampshire Senate race livens up a campaign that Republicans had thought was a lost cause … though he still has his work cut out for him in his battle to unseat Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. Ken talks about Brown’s hurdles in his new state with New Hampshire Public Radio reporter Josh Rogers.

And then we go south, to remember one of the greatest governors in the nation’s history.  Reubin Askew of Florida died last week at the age of 85.  When he was first elected, in 1970, he helped bring the Sunshine State into the 20th Century on issues such as race and tax fairness.  Gene Stearns, a Miami attorney, was an Askew aide back in the day and talks about what made him so special.

And “this day in history” goes back to a March day in 1997, when 11 Republican congressmen were called on the carpet by Speaker Newt Gingrich over alleged disloyalty.  One of the 11, Mark Souder of Indiana, talks about those days and how if at all the conservative revolt against Gingrich is comparable to the Tea Party and its problems with John Boehner today.

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1 thought on “Episode #19: Scott Brown moves, the ’97 Newt mutiny, & mourning Reubin Askew”

  1. Mark Sounder says John Boehner was “one of the guys with a sack over his head, one of the revolutionaries”? Now what’s the origin of that peculiar expression, I wonder.

    Great show, Ken! Keep it up!


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