Episode #180: Witch Hunts and Nut Jobs

President Trump seems to be having a successful foreign trip, his first since his inauguration, but back home there are still questions about alleged ties to Russia and whether he has tried to block any investigation.  Lisa Desjardins of PBS’ NewsHour focuses on the controversies facing Trump, as well as the latest on his budget package he sent to Congress.

With so much focus on the message coming out of these special congressional elections — where Democrats are doing better than expected in open Republican House seats — we talked to Bill Gradison, an Ohio Republican whose defeat in a GOP district in March of 1974 was one that sent shock waves throughout the GOP … and portended the Republican blowout that November.

Michael Aron of NJTV capsulizes the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor of New Jersey, where the primary is just two weeks away.

And our “this week in political history” goes back to 2001, when Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords quit the Republican Party.  His action moved the Senate GOP from the majority to the minority.  Jim Douglas, the former governor of Vermont who at the time was the state treasurer, remembers how he felt when his friend left the party.

Photo via Win McNamee/Getty Images

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