Episode #176: The First Hundred Daze

As President Trump is about to reach his one-hundredth day in office — and after touting that he has accomplished more than any other president in that time period — NPR’s Mara Liasson offers a scorecard and a reality check.

Bernie Sanders and DNC chair Tom Perez are on a national tour promoting the Democratic Party and its values, but both have stubbed their respective toes on the issue of abortion.  Aaron Blake of the Washington Post talks about how the race for mayor of Omaha has opened up old wounds in the party.

Next week’s special primary in South Carolina’s 5th District, the one to succeed now-Trade Representative Mick Mulvaney, hasn’t gotten the national attention as earlier special elections have.  But Bristow Marchant of The State newspaper says there are interesting characters in the race, and that a Democratic victory, while unlikely, cannot be ruled out.

Finally, we talk to Jonathan Alter, a longtime journalist and author of a book about FDR’s First Hundred Days, about what made Roosevelt’s start in 1933 so special … and impossible to compare with any other president.

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Music used in this podcast:

I’ve Loved These Days by Billy Joel

Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen 

Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles

Yesterday by Savannah Outen featuring W.G. Snuffy Walden

Those Were The Days by Cream

I Never Thought I’d Live to Be a Hundred by The Moody Blues

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