Episode #170: Georgia On My Mind

The sixth congressional district of Georgia was carried by Mitt Romney in 2012 by double digits; four years later, Donald Trump won it by just one point.  That and the departure of Rep. Tom Price (R) for a Cabinet post have given Democrats a ray of hope that they can capture the seat in next month’s special election.  Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution profiles the issues and the candidates.

The firing of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara by the Trump administration has turned the spotlight on the high-profile prosecutor.  Celeste Katz of Mic.com sums up his record and speculates on his political future.

And for all the hoopla over the dumping of the U.S. Attorneys held over from the Obama administration, Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics reminds us that in many ways, this is politics as usual: it happens nearly every time a new president takes office, and yet nearly every time there is a media sensation over it.

Finally, David Mendell, a Chicago journalist, goes back to the 2004 Illinois Senate primary — 13 years ago this week — and chronicles how a political unknown by the name of Barack Obama began his rise to national stardom.

Photo via Charlie Neibergall/AP

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