Episode #162: Hail to the Chiefs

With just days to go before Donald Trump is sworn in, Matthew Dallek of George Washington University talks about the history of inaugurations — including his choice of some of the more memorable ones.

And while we will have a new president on Friday, it’s less sure when the new Cabinet will be in place; some of Trump’s nominees face a modicum of difficulty in getting confirmed.  Linda Chavez, who was President George W. Bush’s choice to head up the Labor Department in 2001 talks about her experience. Chavez was forced to withdraw her name after it was revealed she had sheltered an illegal immigrant in her home.

Next month the Democratic National Committee will choose its new chair.  One of the candidates for the job, Ray Buckley, the head of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, makes the argument for his election.

And Mark Shriver of the famously Catholic Kennedy family — his mother was Jack Kennedy’s sister — talks about his new biography of Pope Francis.  The book is about not only the rise of the Pope but about Shriver’s own faith, how it had wavered, and how it bounced back thanks to the pontiff.

Photo via The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Music used in this podcast:

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London’s Burning by The Clash

God Knows I’m Good by David Bowie

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