Episode #158: Moscow on the Potomac

Donald Trump has finally decided on a nominee for secretary of state, but it turns out that this may be the most controversial Cabinet appointee of all.  Carl Hulse of the New York Times reviews Rex Tillerson’s relationships with Vladimir Putin and Russia and speculates on what could be a difficult confirmation hearing.

Remember all the conservatives saying before the election that Trump was not a real conservative?  David Keene, the opinion editor at the Washington Times and the former head of the American Conservative Union, says that after seeing Trump’s Cabinet picks and the direction he wants to move the country, there should no longer be any doubt about Trump’s ideological direction.

Jerry Austin, the veteran Ohio Democratic strategist, reflects about John Glenn, the former astronaut and four-term senator, who died last week at age 95.

And for all the talk about a presidential recount in 2016, we go back to the long recount of 2000, where it took an eventual decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the recount in Florida and award the White House to George W. Bush.

Photo via Associated Press

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