Episode #157: Against All Odds: Trump in 2016, McCarthy in 1968

Donald Trump has gone to the military, to Congress, to the business world — to even a former rival — in assembling his new Cabinet.  Neal Conan, here for his monthly visit to the Political Junkie, assesses what has happened in the month since the election.

More election news in Louisiana and North Carolina to report.  Tyler Bridges, the co-author of a new book on Louisiana’s unpredictable 2015 governor’s race, talks about Saturday’s contest for the Senate, which is being vacated by Republican David Vitter but where the GOP is favored.  Jeff Tiberii, a political reporter with North Carolina public radio station WUNC, talks about the belated concession this week of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, a defeat that was mostly attributed to his backing of HB2, the so-called “Bathroom Bill.”

And we remember the death of Eugene McCarthy, 11 years ago this week, by chronicling his bid for the 1968 Democratic presidential nomination, and how his crusade against the war in Vietnam helped topple President Lyndon Johnson.

Cover illustration by Lizzie Chen.

Music used in this podcast:

Old Man by Neil Young

Do You Like Worms by The Beach Boys

Comin’ Up From Behind by Marcy Playground

She Came In Through The Bathroom by Joe Cocker

Happy Jack by The Who

Eugene McCarthy for President by Peter, Paul, and Mary

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