Episode #154: For Now, the GOP is United, the Dems Aren’t

One week after Donald Trump’s historic upset victory, both parties are preparing for what comes next.  Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and 2004 presidential hopeful, has put forward a bid to return as Democratic National Committee chair.  He talks about the lessons of this year’s campaign and what role the DNC could play in the future.

With Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote — but not the majority of the electoral votes — there is once again a movement to get rid of the Electoral College.  George Edwards, a presidential historian at Texas A&M University, lays out his argument why the EC has outlived its usefulness and why electing the president via popular vote would be more fair.

One of the weaknesses of the Electoral College is the ability of electors to ignore the wishes of how their state went in the election and vote for whomever they prefer.  Mike Padden, a Washington Republican state senator who was an elector for President Gerald Ford back in 1976, explains why he decided to vote instead for Ronald Reagan … who wasn’t even on the ballot that November.

And we talk with Ray Suarez, a journalist who spent 14 years working closely with Gwen Ifill at PBS.  Ifill died this week of cancer.  She was 61.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #154: For Now, the GOP is United, the Dems Aren’t”

  1. Ah great- finally found your real stuff. I was so mad when you got purged from ITS ALL POLITICS, but they promoted Elfing, who would wax rhapsodic on the beauty of Nicky Hailey’s speech. That little thing you do on MPR is pitiful, you are a real talent. See my compilation of How + Why Trump Won + my ELECTION podcast. Howard Dean is great, the smartest and most honest politician I’ve met (interviewed him about big Yahoo article on 2012 Repub Primary candidates + a few times in 2004). I’m a 35 yr political commentator + NYT published journo.

    Michael Hammerschlag
    POLITICAL BLOG http://HAMMERNEWS.blogspot.com
    SITE http://hammernews.com


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