Episode #152: The 2016 Presidential Election Special

We lead off the Political Junkie Presidential Election Special with reports from Mara Liasson, the national political correspondent for NPR, and Aaron Blake, a political reporter with the Washington Post.  Both weigh the impact of early voting, organization and the effects of FBI Director Comey’s letter to Congress about additional Clinton emails.

Two veterans of the Cook Political Report, Jennifer Duffy, and David Wasserman join the program to talk about the battles for control of the Senate and House.

And then we hear from two savvy political pros about the future of their respective parties.  Former Minnesota Congressman Vin Weber assesses what’s next for the Republicans, while Democratic pollster Mark Mellman addresses the future of the Democratic Party.

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Music used in this podcast:

When The Battle Is Over by Delaney & Bonnie

Find The Cost Of Freedom by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Hit the Ground Running by Smog

It’s the Same Old Song by The Four Tops 

You and I by Rick James 

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