Episode #148: Who Won? Who’s Winning?

With the vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine now history and the second presidential debate just days away, NPR’s Ron Elving makes a special visit to the Political Junkie to assess the campaign, the media coverage and how much he misses working with Ken.

Then we hear from two surrogates for the two candidates.  Senator Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Republican, makes the case for Donald Trump, and Brandon Davis, the general election chief of staff for the Democratic National Committee, lists the arguments for Hillary Clinton.

Finally, we go back 36 years ago this week to 1980, when the House expelled one of its members for the first time since the Civil War.  Sandra Featherman, a political scientist who knows Philadelphia politics inside and out, remembers the case of Mike “Ozzie” Myers, who got kicked out for his involvement in the Abscam scandal.

Music used in this podcast:

Old Friends by Simon and Garfunkel

Your Mother Should Know by The Beatles

Applause by Lady Gaga

Roar by Katy Perry

Coming Home featuring Skylar Grey by Dirty Money 

Money by The Flying Lizards

On With The Show by The Rolling Stones

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4 thoughts on “Episode #148: Who Won? Who’s Winning?”

  1. Thank for for getting Ron and Ken back together for another round. I miss the boys together on the It’s All Politics podcast so much (that trip down memory lane with the birther movement and Ron losing it with the Abe Lincoln joke was tremendous). Please come back again soon Ron!

  2. Holy crap, Brandon was the worst interview I have heard in awhile. He needs to do a much better job of listening to the questions so he can include some sort of appropriate response during his recitation of the party message. As a Democrat, I was pretty disappointed in his interview.


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