Episode #147: Preparedness and Restraint

The first presidential debate is in the books.  Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post offers analysis of the debate’s high and low moments, ridiculous claims and mistruths, and what it all means.

Right after the debate, Hillary Clinton headed to North Carolina, a key battleground state that is also experiencing tight Senate and gubernatorial contests.  Laura Leslie of TV station WRAL in Raleigh explores the politics of the Tar Heel State.

And it was 56 years ago this week that the first televised presidential debate, between Vice President Richard Nixon and Massachusetts Sen. John Kennedy, was held.  Newton Minow, a JFK aide who later served as Kennedy’s chair of the Federal Communications Commission and who, at 90 years old, is also a vice chair of the current Commission on Presidential Debates, recounts everything surrounding that first debate in 1960.

Photo via Fox News

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She Came In Through The Bathroom by Joe Cocker 

Unfinished Life by Audiomachine

Television Man by Talking Heads

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