Episode #146: Here’s to the President’s Health!

With the first presidential debate just days away — and anticipation growing — we hear from communications specialist Ruth Sherman as to what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need to do to advance their candidacy.

Speaking of Trump, he had an extraordinary announcement last week:  Not only was Barack Obama born in the U.S. (which he had been questioning for five years), but he claimed it was, in fact, the Clinton campaign that had started the whole “birther” controversy in the first place.  Less surprising, Trump’s announcement was covered live by all the cable TV networks … which ultimately sounded more like a Trump Hotel infomercial than anything else.  Margaret Sullivan, the media columnist for the Washington Post, talks about how Trump won the day once again.

And in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s health issue, Julian Zelizer of Princeton University talks about the role health concerns have played with candidates in the past.

Photo via ABC News

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