Episode #135: Independents Day

Last week’s Politicon conference in Pasadena, California gave us the opportunity to hear from two Republicans making the case “for” and “against” Donald Trump. GOP strategist Mike Murphy insists there’s a chance, albeit slim, that the convention will back the effort to free the delegates to vote their conscience.

The opposing view came from Michael Steele, the former RNC chair, who said that if the party hopes to defeat Hillary Clinton in November, it’s going to have to unite behind Trump.

With Clinton getting a scolding by the FBI director for her handling of classified information, and with Trump getting blasted for an alleged hidden message in an anti-Hillary tweet, Neal Conan arrives at the perfect time to offer his thoughts on the entire campaign.

We also spoke with Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, who acknowledges that his only chance of success depends on if he makes it into the debates this fall.

And we go back to July of 2007 when we learned of the inclusion of Louisiana Sen. David Vitter’s phone number in the records of a D.C. prostitution ring.  Pollster Bernie Pinsonat explains why that scandal didn’t come crashing down on Vitter until last year’s gubernatorial race.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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Mat Kearney – Coming Home (Oregon)

War – Why Can’t We Be Friends

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Devo – Freedom Of Choice

A Flock Of Seagulls – Modern Love is Automatic

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