Episode #134: Could Cleveland Be Another Chicago?

The eight-member Supreme Court released key decisions in the past week, with special attention focused on the issues of abortion rights and immigration.  Robert Barnes of the Washington Post lays out the cases and explores how they may play politically.

Donald Trump may be the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in most parts, but there are some in the GOP who are doing what they can to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Dane Waters is a co-founder of the group “Delegates Unbound,” which is trying to change the rules at the GOP convention that would make the delegates free to decide on their own which candidate to support, unbinding them from having to vote for the candidate whom they were pledged to during the primaries and caucuses.  But would denying Trump the nomination bring chaos to the convention?

Another Trump worry could be money, as implausible as it sounds.  Currently, he is well behind Hillary Clinton insofar as money in the bank.  And there have been questions about the money he has given to his campaign: are they loans or gifts?  Paul Ryan of the Campaign Legal Center has the answers.

And, with this being 11 years since Sandra Day O’Connor announced she was leaving the Supreme Court, Ken shares a personal note about a memorable day he and the Justice spent together at Sedona.

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