Episode #132: Terrorist Attacks, Followed By Political Attacks

The unimaginable horror of the terrorist attack in Orlando has led to the inevitable (and regrettable) finger-pointing and partisan political rhetoric.  Elizabeth Zechmeister, a political science professor at Vanderbilt University, talks about how Republicans (and male candidates) often benefit politically in the aftermath of such attacks … but how this incident has the potential to be different.

With the presidential primaries over, the focus is now on who will be the Democratic and Republican running mates.  Joel Goldstein of the St. Louis University School of Law reviews what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump need the most to balance their candidacies, as well as giving a rundown on some possible choices.

Nevada political guru Jon Ralston reviews several of his state’s congressional primary results, which in one district felt like a replica of the battle between Trump and the establishment, and in another district like a proxy fight between Sanders and Clinton.

And we have two lookbacks in politics:  The 2012 presidential bid of Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota congresswoman, who went from Iowa Straw Poll winner to a sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses … and a remembrance of George Voinovich, the late Ohio Republican who served as mayor, governor, and senator.  Howard Wilkinson of WVXU covered him for three decades and offers an appreciation.

Photo via David Goldman / AP

Music used in the podcast:

Wild World by Cat Stevens

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