Episode 127: Disunity, Dat Unity

With the presidential nomination battles all but settled in both parties, you might wonder why so many people remain unhappy.  Aaron Blake of the Washington Post is here to explain the rise of Donald Trump and how he proved all the experts — including the media — wrong.  And if Hillary Clinton is close to reaching the Democrats’ magic number, why is Bernie Sanders winning these late primaries?  (Next stop, Oregon.)  Clearly, there is a weakness in both apparent nominees as we approach the general election.

California may still be the end game for those still hoping to deny Trump and Clinton the top prizes.  While the presidential race fills the headlines in the Golden State, the same can’t be said about the Senate race to replace Barbara Boxer, the Democrat who is retiring after four terms.  It’s pretty much of a snooze-fest.  But, as Cathleen Decker of the Los Angeles Times reports, that’s fine for Kamala Harris (D), the state attorney general, who leads in all the polls.

And we remember Bob Bennett, the genial conservative Republican from Utah who died last week at the age of 82.  Six years ago this week, he was defeated in his bid for a fourth Senate term at the state GOP convention, where he essentially became the first victim of the Tea Party for breaking with right-wing orthodoxy.  Dan Harrie of the Salt Lake Tribune reviews Bennett’s career.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 127: Disunity, Dat Unity”

  1. The Quinnipiac poll showing Trump up by four in OH and in a dead heat with Clinton in FL and PA was released on May 10th prior to the date on this podcast. Fivethirtyeight rates Quinnipiac a B+ so unreliability would not be a reason to disregard. Do you actually tape the podcast a few days before release? Or is everyone just going to ignore the polling like they did in the primary and pretend Trump has no chance of winning?

    • Oh, I don’t for a second pretend Trump has no chance of winning. He does indeed. And yes, I’ve seen these polls. This is going to be a surreal general election.


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