Episode 123: If They Can Make It There ……

With less than a week to go before the New York primary, national front runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — who could use some good news after a couple of weeks of tough coverage and defeats at the polls — are leading and are expected to regain their momentum.  Liz Benjamin, host of a political show on Time Warner Cable News in New York, talks about what’s at stake.

Trump is not the only Republican who is having difficulty as of late.  As University of North Carolina professor Ferrel Guillory points out, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is under siege over his state’s passage of a controversial bill that some see as discriminatory towards gay and transgender people.  And NPR national correspondent Debbie Elliott reports on the mess Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley finds himself in over the release of sexually inappropriate conversations he had with a former top aide.

Finally, in our “this week in political history” feature, we remember the late Rep. Phil Burton of California, who died 33 years ago this week.  Burton was one of the most influential, effective and partisan Democrats of his day.  Former Congressman Henry Waxman talks about his legacy.

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