Episode #119: The Frontrunners Pull Away As Rubio Pulls Out

The March 15 primaries resulted in great news for Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Republican leader Donald Trump, encouraging news for John Kasich (he finally won somewhere, his home state of Ohio), and bad news for Marco Rubio (he’s gone).  Greg Giroux of Bloomberg Government analyzes the campaign.

President Obama nominated D.C. Circuit Court Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court following the death of Antonin Scalia.  Robert Barnes of the Washington Post gives us the lowdown on Garland’s career and prospects for confirmation.

Dylan Byers, CNN’s media reporter talks about the complicated relationship between Trump and the press.  And Derrick Jackson of the Boston Globe takes us back eight years to March of 2008 when Barack Obama gave a groundbreaking speech about race.

Photo via Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

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3 thoughts on “Episode #119: The Frontrunners Pull Away As Rubio Pulls Out”

  1. “I usually stop after two wings.” This is why, along with the incisive analysis, I listen to the Political Junkie.

  2. Judy Arginteanu you are right. I love listening to the analysis which is helpful in understanding what is going on in our tortured political system (or maybe I just feel tortured…). I also treasure the puns and bits of humor. I used to really enjoy Ken’s sessions on TOTN and am so glad he is still doing this!


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