Episode #117: Are We Already ‘On To November?’

Super Tuesday was especially super for Donald Trump on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, as the two frontrunners continued to pile up victories in their march to their respective party’s nomination.  Neal Conan returns with analysis and commentary.

Next on the calendar is Michigan, and Susan Demas, the editor and publisher of Inside Michigan Politics, talks about what’s at stake in the Wolverine State.

In addition, the battle for control of the Senate is starting to heat up, and this week’s primaries gave us the first indication of what the voters are saying.  Jennifer Duffy of the Cook Political Report discusses the Senate race landscape.

Finally, we revisit a horrible event 62 years ago this week — the shootings of members of Congress by Puerto Rican nationalists from the visitor’s gallery onto the House floor.  Paul Kanjorski is a former member of Congress, but back in 1954 he was a congressional page who was on the House floor that day.

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