Episode #116: That’s Why They Call It Super

Super Tuesday, where about a dozen states will be holding primaries and caucuses on the road to the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.  Natalie Davis of Birmingham-Southern College, an expert on Southern politics, surveys the landscape in the South and tells us what we should be looking for on March 1st.

Then we visit some of the key states to get a snapshot of what’s going on on the ground.

Abby Livingston of the Texas Tribune analyzes the Lone Star State primary, which is seen as a must-win for Texas Senator Ted Cruz. 

Chas Sisk of Nashville Public Radio looks at the primary in Tennessee, whose statewide Republican leaders are all considered members of the establishment but who are watching the stunning success of anti-establishment Republican Donald Trump.

Andra Gillespie of Emory University looks at Georgia and its sizable black vote in the Democratic primary that is largely favorable to Hillary Clinton.

Mike Mulcahy of Minnesota Public Radio reports on the caucus scheduled for his state, which is one of the few Bernie Sanders targets on Tuesday.

And finally, we talk to Greg Giroux of Bloomberg News and Al From, the founder and former CEO of the Democratic Leadership Council, about the history of Super Tuesday and the effects, intended or not, it’s had on past nominating battles.

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