Episode 101: I’m the Political Junkie and You’re Not

The subject of politicians claiming media bias is the focal point of Neal Conan‘s monthly visit to the Political Junkie.  Republicans made it clear in their most recent debate that they feel the moderators were asking “gotcha” questions to embarrass them.  But such claims are hardly new, and in fact were widely practiced by Vice President Spiro Agnew as well as his boss, Richard NixonNeal also offers his scorecard of where the presidential race stands right now.

Donald Trump, whose lead in the polls appears a bit unsteady, will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend but it’s not always in every politician’s best interest to appear on SNL.  Bill Horner, who is working on a book about Saturday Night Live and the 1976 presidential campaign, and Nicole Hemmer, a research associate at the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia note, Trump may be one of those rare types who is incapable of embarrassment.

In our “this week in political history” segment, we go back 50 years, to the New York City mayoral campaign of 1965, and the role of Conservative Party candidate William F. Buckley Jr.  Alvin Felzenberg, a congressional staffer who is writing a biography about Buckley, points out that Buckley’s goal was less about winning — which he knew he couldn’t — and more about stopping John Lindsay, not only from becoming mayor but from reaching the White House.

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1 thought on “Episode 101: I’m the Political Junkie and You’re Not”

  1. So many election results in the last 15 years have been very questionable, thanks to the use of unverifiable touch screen computers and also because ballots are not counted. Kentucky was very strange. 5 different polling organizations said Bevin would lose by a large margin. Yet, somehow he won by a large margin. There really needs to be a hand recount.



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