The Election That Won’t Go Away

And you thought the 2016 election was over?

Day in and day out, President Trump, whenever there are questions about his campaign and Russia and the issue of “collusion,” has a very predictable response: Hillary. SHE was colluding with the Russians, SHE should be the focus of Robert Mueller’s investigations, SHE should be in prison.

It is unprecedented, of course, to see a victorious presidential candidate continue to go on regular rants about his vanquished opponent. But here we are, a year after the election, and Trump is still at it.

Now he has company.

Divisions and resentments from last year’s Hillary vs. Bernie battles remain.

Donna Brazile, the Democratic strategist, has a new book out that, among other things, suggested that the DNC had its hands on the scale for Hillary Clinton in her primary battle with Bernie Sanders last year, that the nomination was rigged in her favor … and then even went on to say that her “doubts and fears” about Clinton’s health and her role as a candidate led her to consider making Joe Biden the party’s nominee — whether or not that was doable. The reaction to the book, If nothing else, shows that the rivalries and resentments from 2016 are coming back to life — if they ever went away. What would compound the Democrats’ misery even more would be if they lose Tuesday’s race for governor in Virginia … which is not inconceivable.

And you thought the Republicans had all the troubles?


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