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There was a button we used in a recent ScuttleButton puzzle that listed two candidates — “Re-elect Joe & Art/Vote Republican” — candidates whose identity we don’t know.  In fact, we often come across buttons whose origins have escaped us.  Thus, every now and then we post some of these unknown items, in the hope that you can identify them.

Here’s another selection of campaign items of candidates whose last name begins with a “D.”  Does anyone know who these folks are?  (The blurred two-candidate button in line two are for “B.H. Dodge” and “H.H. Wickwire.”  The red tab towards the bottom says “Dineen.”  And I think the “Danielson” in the top row pre-dates George Danielson of California.)

unknown Ds 001

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8 thoughts on “Who Dat? – D”

  1. Fred J. Douglas was NY Republican Congressman from 1937 to 1945. In 1934, he ran for NY Lt. Governor on the Republican ticket with Robert Moses as Governor and lost to Herbert Lehman and M. William Bray

  2. Dick & Dence is listed as a 1960 Nixon coattail for Congress
    Adams (oval) is a Pa. button for Congress in the Scranton-Wilkes-Barre area
    Allen was a Republican candidate for Congress from Bucks Co. Pa.

  3. Reuben s Dawkins democrat 1964 Ward 12 Boston was a City Atty.Boston 1960. Law license suspended in 1990’s. Not Elected.

  4. I know this is a bit late, but. . . State Rep. Marvin R. Dee served in the Illinois House as a Republican from the 20th District. Elected in 1972, he served only one term. See Illinois Blue Book, 1973-74, p. 95, and 1977-78, p.211. The slogan was apropos, because he was “the one Republican” elected from a three-member district.

  5. Wickwire and Dodge are Canadian politicians who ran for an were elected to, what is called a “dual member constituency in the province of Nova Scotia Canada. The button is from sometime between 1900-1910, I believe. They represented the Liberal Party.


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