Episode #338: Honor. Courage. Dignity. Hero.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia recounts her long relationship with the late Georgia Congressman John Lewis. Plus, we set up the battle to win a Kansas Senate seat, and recall when the Georgia delegation was split between backers of segregationist Lester Maddox and civil rights activist Julian Bond at the Democratic convention of 1968.

Episode #337: Yes Virginia, It Was Historic

We talk with former Virginia governor Douglas Wilder about his history-making political career. Plus, we examine the extent of voter suppression in this country. And famed TV newsman Marvin Kalb shares his thoughts on President Trump’s attacks on the press.

Episode #336: What Hath Newt Wrought?

Will Sen. Susan Collins’ votes to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh and acquit President Trump come back to haunt her in November? Plus, a new book traces the acrimony and hyperpartisanship in our politics to Newt Gingrich. And Bob Shrum, a top aide to John Kerry, talks about the decision to pick John Edwards as Kerry’s running mate.

Episode #335: The Anticipation Builds

Neal Conan sorts out Joe Biden’s potential VP picks, Supreme Court expert Amy Howe weighs in on Chief Justice John Roberts’ decisions on gay rights, DACA, and abortion. And we look at how the latest round of Kennedys are seeking to keep their political family tradition alive.

Episode #334: House Primaries Claim Yet Another N.Y. Democrat

This week on the Political Junkie, an examination of the definite voting trends that have developed during the pandemic. Plus, why several self-inflicted mishaps by former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper now put his Senate primary nomination in question. And, Howard Dean candidly explains what went wrong in his bid for the 2004 Democratic nomination.

Episode #333: A Landmark Ruling About Job Discrimination and Gays

We break down the landmark Supreme Court decision that forbids job discrimination against LGBTQ people. Plus, a look at why several Democratic members of Congress are facing tough opposition in next Tuesday’s New York primary. And a rightwing Virginia congressman sees his political career end in response to his officiating at a same-sex wedding.

Episode #332: Who for #2?

We examine the primary day nightmare in Georgia, with long lines and broken voting machines. NPR’s Ron Elving returns to size up all the potential running mates for Joe Biden. And we remember the career of Robert Byrd, who broke the Senate longevity record 14 years ago this week.

Episode #331: God Help Us

We discuss President Trump’s response to the nationwide demonstrations after the killing of a black man by the Minneapolis police. Plus, Ken interviews Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party’s 2020 nominee for president. And, Brigid Callahan Harrison, a Democratic hopeful for a congressional seat in South Jersey talks about conducting a campaign in the middle of COVID-19 and quarantines.

Episode #330: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Former attorney general Jeff Sessions is fighting to reclaim the Senate seat he held for two decades – what’s at stake? Plus, a scorecard of the nine states holding primaries on June 2nd, and former Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas remembers the political earthquake when Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords quit the GOP in 2001.

Episode #329: Trump’s Obama Obsession

We look at how President Trump’s attacks on President Obama, and the Bidens, have been met with approval by Senate Republicans. Plus, examining the candidates running against Iowa Rep. Steve King, and Jason Marisam, now an assistant attorney general in Minnesota, revisits the paper he wrote 10 years ago on the challenges of holding an election during a pandemic.

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