Episode #355: The Electoral College vs. Trump University

A new book examines why “faithless electors” are faithless, why they break from their parties’ nominees in the Electoral College. And we speak to one such elector, a 1976 Ford elector who nonetheless voted for Reagan.

Episode #354: David Dinkins and the Harlem Gang of Four

A former Republican congressman argues that 2020 was a great year for the GOP, despite Trump’s defeat. And a former New York state comptroller discusses the life and legacy of the late David Dinkins, NYC’s only black mayor, and the past and future of African-American politics in the city.

Episode #353: You Never Forget Your First Runoff

Georgia will be experiencing two Senate runoffs next month. Back in 1992, Senator Wyche Fowler was forced into a runoff of his own — where he lost his seat. Fowler offers similarities and differences between now and then.

Episode #352: Georgia On Everyone’s Mind

The two Georgia Senate runoffs on Jan. 5th will determine which party gets control. Democrats must win both if they are to claim the majority; if they don’t, Mitch McConnell will remain as majority leader.

Episode #351: Biden Wins (Don’t Tell Trump); GOP Wins Too.

Joe Biden may have won the presidency, but he’ll serve without the expected Democratic Senate victory, and with a smaller House majority as well. And California Gov. Gavin Newsom will have a tough decision to make in naming a successor to Sen. Kamala Harris.

Episode #350: This Is Us

A look at the key battles for the Senate, with Democrats needing a net three (or four) seats to win the majority. And whither the Republican Party in the aftermath (or the continuation) of Trump?

Episode #349: One Will Be Muted On Nov. 3rd

Joe Biden’s problems with articulating a coherent policy on court reform has brought comparisons to what FDR faced when he tried to pack the Supreme Court in 1937. And a White House correspondent talks about why he asked President Trump at a news conference why he continues to lie to the American people.

Episode #348: Charges Of Hypocrisy And Betrayal In The Carolinas

Two Senate races in the Carolinas are the focus this week, as incumbent Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is trying to hold off a stiff challenge from Democrat Jamie Harrison, while in North Carolina, marital infidelity charges leveled at Democrat Cal Cunningham could jeopardize his chances against GOP Sen. Thom Tillis.

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