Episode #57: The 2014 Year in Review

You’ll have to decide on your own whether 2014 was a good year or not.  We’re assuming that if you’re a Republican, you’re probably leaning yes, and if you’re a Democrat, you’re trending no. But no matter how you rate it, it was a remarkable year — both here at home and overseas.  And thus, …

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Episode #55: CRomnibus, Pop Tarts & Impeachment

With just days to go before they are evicted from majority status, Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee, led by Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), released a scathing indictment of the CIA. Their report states that the agency used excessive and illegal tactics against detained terror suspects, covered up the brutality, misrepresented the intelligence from detainees, and …

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Episode #53: Cartoons, Coffee and Crack

Just weeks after his party took a historic drubbing in the midterm election, President Obama turned the tables on the Republicans and said he would use his executive powers to change the nation’s immigration policy. He said he was forced to take that position after months and months of inaction in the Republican-led House. Lauren …

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