Episode #38: BHO v. HRC & still counting in Hawaii

Hillary Clinton is not known as someone who says whatever she’s thinking, certainly not when it has the potential to make headlines … or create waves.  But headline making she did when she seemingly launched a critical assessment of President Obama’s foreign policy in an interview with The Atlantic.  She has since said that no criticism was intended, …

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Episode #37: Nixon resigns, Brady passes, pols on trial

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s resignation, John Dean, his former counsel, has a new book on some 1,000 White House tapes that he has exhaustively catalogued and transcribed.  What is Dean’s view about Nixon?  Why weren’t the tapes destroyed?  And how does he see his own role in the Watergate scandal?  …

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Web Extra: Live from Alaska

It’s no folly, the Political Junkie’s in Alaska! In this web special, former Talk of the Nation duo Ken Rudin and Neal Conan reunite in Fairbanks to kick off their 2014 World Tour at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Summer Sessions. They brought back some old jokes (there’s no place like Nome) and new topics (the latest from Israel) in front …

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Episode #33: Comebacks — Mississippi & Mrs. Rudin

Two weeks ago we were astonished that Eric Cantor, a well-situated House incumbent from Virginia, could get defeated in his primary.  Now we’re astonished that Thad Cochran, the six-term Republican senator from Mississippi, could pull out a victory against his tea party-backed opponent.  Whether incumbents are winning or losing, it’s the latest example of a …

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Episode #32: Iraq returns, Hill lifers depart

There’s a four-letter word in the headlines lately:  Iraq. The withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2011 was done with the expectation that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki would unite his country and ease ethnic tensions.  Instead, Maliki, a Shiite, did what he could to ostracize minority Sunnis… perhaps in response to what Saddam Hussein did to Shiites during his ruthless decades …

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Episode #31: Cantor collapses, Graham gains

Wow.  Who saw the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor coming?  Certainly not Cantor.  Or the nation’s political establishment.  And not Greg Giroux, political reporter for Bloomberg News, who sat with Political Junkie host Ken Rudin and together they shook their heads at one of the more amazing primary upsets of recent times. We also hear from Kevin Broughton of the Tea Party Patriots …

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