Episode #378: A Hero, To The Max

We remember former Georgia Democratic Sen. Max Cleland, who died last week and who was on the receiving end of one the most controversial attack ads in political history. And we weigh the decision by New Hampshire GOP Gov. Chris Sununu not to challenge Sen. Maggie Hassan (D) next year, who is thought to be vulnerable.

Episode #377: Yes Virginia, This One Matters

Tuesday’s gubernatorial contest in Virginia is being watched nationwide for a possible clue about what might happen in the 2022 midterms … and how to deal with Donald Trump. And former Sen. Harry Reid makes the case for Nevada to lead off the presidential calendar, not Iowa.

Episode #376: Is There Hope For The GOP? Or Democracy?

A book by a longtime Republican strategist says his party has become indistinguishable from Donald Trump — and all that’s wrong with Trumpism. We look ahead to next month’s historic Boston mayoral race. And we talk to Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, who has the inside scoop behind Powell’s infamous 2003 UN speech about “weapons of mass destruction.”

Episode #375: Sinema Paradiso

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema may be driving progressives nuts by thwarting much of President Biden’s agenda, but her actions may be popular back home. And we remember the unfortunate 2012 campaign gaffe of Todd Akin, who died last week, and who suggested that “legitimate rape” would not result in pregnancy.

Episode #374: Trump Enemies List Loses One

The decision by anti-Trump Republican Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio not to seek reelection next year is seen as a victory for the former president, who retains deep loyalty among GOP voters. And we discuss the meaning of last week’s defeated recall vote in California.

Episode #371: No Mo Cuomo

The resignation announcement by New York’s Andrew Cuomo means many things, not the least of which it will lead to the state’s first female governor. A look at the hopeless complaint by Democrats that their party is the only one that cares about sexual harassment. Plus, a look at last week’s two congressional primaries in Ohio.

Episode #370: Texas Hold ‘Em? First You Gotta Catch ‘Em.

Texas Democrats have fled the state to hold up legislation that could make voting more difficult. But how long can this tactic work? And we remember Edwin Edwards, the former governor of Louisiana, first with a rebroadcast of our interview with him from 2014 and with a discussion about his influence with a noted Louisiana political expert.

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