Episode #142: Read My Lips — See My Tears

Tom Lutz, author of “Crying: A Natural and Cultural History of Tears” explores the history of shedding tears in politics, starting with perhaps the most famous incident of all, Ed Muskie breaking down during the 1972 campaign in New Hampshire. Regardless of whether Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House later this year, Jay Newton-Small, a correspondent for Time magazine …

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Episode #140: The Senate 2016. The Senator 1968

Republicans, who fear that controversial comments made by Donald Trump will benefit his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, are now concerned that a Trump defeat could cost the GOP its majority in the Senate.  Greg Giroux of Bloomberg sizes up the vulnerable Senate seats for 2016. And if the Clinton-Kaine ticket is elected this year, then a new senator will …

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Episode #138: Bumps And All, the Democrats Make History

The Democrats made history in Philadelphia, nominating Hillary Clinton for president … the first woman to head up a major-party ticket.  It was a week of tears and joy, but also of conflict and recrimination. And we were there to record the moment. The week started disastrously for the party.  With the hacking of Democratic National Committee …

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Episode #136: Great Moments in Convention History

Presidential nominating conventions may be scripted and not newsworthy, but there have been enough dramatic happenings that call for a “Great Moments in Convention History” special program. We hear from Stephen Hess of the Brookings Institution, who attended the 1952 convention in Chicago as Sen. Everett Dirksen (R-Ill.) lashed out at former presidential nominee Thomas Dewey for …

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Episode #135: Independents Day

Last week’s Politicon conference in Pasadena, California gave us the opportunity to hear from two Republicans making the case “for” and “against” Donald Trump. GOP strategist Mike Murphy insists there’s a chance, albeit slim, that the convention will back the effort to free the delegates to vote their conscience. The opposing view came from Michael Steele, the former RNC …

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