Episode #162: Hail to the Chiefs

With just days to go before Donald Trump is sworn in, Matthew Dallek of George Washington University talks about the history of inaugurations — including his choice of some of the more memorable ones. And while we will have a new president on Friday, it’s less sure when the new Cabinet will be in place; some of Trump’s …

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Episode #161: Hello and Goodbye

It was a week of beginnings and endings. President-elect Donald Trump held his first press conference since July, a raucous event held at Trump Tower in Manhattan.  Janet Hook of the Wall Street Journal is here with a scorecard. And President Obama gave his Farewell Address, a speech before 20,000 adoring supporters in Chicago, where he not only reminded …

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Episode #159: The 2016 Remembrances Special

Stuart Rothenberg of the Rothenberg Gonzales Political Report and Jill Lawrence of USA Today join Political Junkie Ken Rudin for a look back at the giants in the political world who passed away this year — it’s the 2016 Political Junkie Remembrances Special. Among those whose careers were remembered include Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, former Attorney General Janet …

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Episode #158: Moscow on the Potomac

Donald Trump has finally decided on a nominee for secretary of state, but it turns out that this may be the most controversial Cabinet appointee of all.  Carl Hulse of the New York Times reviews Rex Tillerson’s relationships with Vladimir Putin and Russia and speculates on what could be a difficult confirmation hearing. Remember all the conservatives saying …

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Episode #156: Loss in the Castro Family … and the Castro Neighborhood

Even though it was Donald Trump who said he might not accept the results of the presidential election, it turns out that Jill Stein — the Green Party nominee who finished well behind in fourth place — who is pushing for a recount in three states that narrowly went for Trump: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Mike …

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Episode #155: Giving Thanks to Great Political Memories

Because we’re all spending Thanksgiving with friends and families this week, we decided to leave you with three past interviews that are completely timeless and worth another listen. Before there were Bushes & Clintons, there were the Tafts.  Former Ohio Gov. Bob Taft remembers his grandfather, Mr. Republican himself, Sen. Robert A. Taft. John Dickerson, the host of “Face the …

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