Episode #138: Bumps And All, the Democrats Make History

The Democrats made history in Philadelphia, nominating Hillary Clinton for president … the first woman to head up a major-party ticket.  It was a week of tears and joy, but also of conflict and recrimination. And we were there to record the moment. The week started disastrously for the party.  With the hacking of Democratic National Committee …

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Episode #136: Great Moments in Convention History

Presidential nominating conventions may be scripted and not newsworthy, but there have been enough dramatic happenings that call for a “Great Moments in Convention History” special program. We hear from Stephen Hess of the Brookings Institution, who attended the 1952 convention in Chicago as Sen. Everett Dirksen (R-Ill.) lashed out at former presidential nominee Thomas Dewey for …

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Episode #135: Independents Day

Last week’s Politicon conference in Pasadena, California gave us the opportunity to hear from two Republicans making the case “for” and “against” Donald Trump. GOP strategist Mike Murphy insists there’s a chance, albeit slim, that the convention will back the effort to free the delegates to vote their conscience. The opposing view came from Michael Steele, the former RNC …

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Episode #133: Glass Ceilings and Emotional Feelings

Were the Senate votes this week on gun legislation about guns, or about politics?  That’s what Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times talks about, as she assesses how the issue may play in November. While Hillary Clinton may have all but officially wrapped up the Democratic nomination earlier this month, there is the history of the moment to consider.  Debbie Walsh of …

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Episode #132: Terrorist Attacks, Followed By Political Attacks

The unimaginable horror of the terrorist attack in Orlando has led to the inevitable (and regrettable) finger-pointing and partisan political rhetoric.  Elizabeth Zechmeister, a political science professor at Vanderbilt University, talks about how Republicans (and male candidates) often benefit politically in the aftermath of such attacks … but how this incident has the potential to be …

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Episode #130: In Your Guts, You Know They’re (All) Nuts

Mathematically, it should all be over on Tuesday.  But realistically, the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, is expected to go on, possibly all the way to the convention in Philadelphia.  Neal Conan makes his monthly visit to the Political Junkie with analysis and observations. He may be the presumptive nominee, but Republicans are …

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