Episode #154: For Now, the GOP is United, the Dems Aren’t

One week after Donald Trump’s historic upset victory, both parties are preparing for what comes next.  Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and 2004 presidential hopeful, has put forward a bid to return as Democratic National Committee chair.  He talks about the lessons of this year’s campaign and what role the DNC could play in the …

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Episode #152: The 2016 Presidential Election Special

We lead off the Political Junkie Presidential Election Special with reports from Mara Liasson, the national political correspondent for NPR, and Aaron Blake, a political reporter with the Washington Post.  Both weigh the impact of early voting, organization and the effects of FBI Director Comey’s letter to Congress about additional Clinton emails. Two veterans of the Cook …

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Episode #147: Preparedness and Restraint

The first presidential debate is in the books.  Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post offers analysis of the debate’s high and low moments, ridiculous claims and mistruths, and what it all means. Right after the debate, Hillary Clinton headed to North Carolina, a key battleground state that is also experiencing tight Senate and gubernatorial contests.  Laura Leslie of TV station WRAL …

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Episode #145: Great Moments in Presidential Debates

Presidential debates don’t necessarily decide who will occupy the White House.  But history has shown that regardless of what effect they do have, they are often memorable — for better or worse. Our “Great Moments in Presidential Debates” special starts with Alan Schroeder, an expert on the subject, assessing Ronald Reagan‘s great lines in his 1980 …

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