Episode #223: He Had A Dream

Fifty years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, and what have we learned?  What lessons has he taught us — and what lessons were ignored.  Wornie Reed, a professor at Virginia Tech who was with King in the 1963 March on Washington, assesses the slain civil rights leader. The trauma of 1968, which …

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Episode #221: Barack to the Future

So what’s the lesson to be learned from the Republican loss in Pennsylvania’s 18th District special election?  Jack Pitney of Claremont McKenna College suggests that while it’s clearly bad news for the GOP, there’s no certainty that Republican voters, or Republican politicians, show any sign of creating distance between themselves and President Trump. Tuesday was …

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Episode #220: Lamb Chops the GOP

It’s a solidly Republican district that both Donald Trump and Mitt Romney easily carried.  The previous Republican congressman was considered so strong that Democrats failed to even run a candidate in either 2014 and 2016.  But in Tuesday’s special election, in Pennsylvania’s 18th District, Democrat Conor Lamb has apparently eked out a narrow victory over …

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Episode #216: Kelly On The Ropes

There have been many crises and mini-crises in the Trump White House, but usually they seem to vanish pretty quickly … as new ones pop up.  But the current imbroglio involving former staff secretary Rob Porter and the accusations that he physically assaulted two ex-wives and what White House Chief of Staff John Kelly knew …

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Episode #215: One Dare Call It Treason

There doesn’t seem to be any letting up in the war between Democrats and Republicans in the House over the propriety of the investigation into President Trump and Russia.  Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have released a memo that claims the Justice Department and FBI’s inquiry is filled with bias against Trump.  Democrats, who …

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