Episode #231: Trick or Tweet

After a week’s absence, the primaries return next Tuesday.  Nathan Gonzales of Inside Elections previews the contests in seven states, most notably in California, where the large number of vulnerable Republicans may decide who controls the House in the next Congress. Until those elections take place, Paul Ryan is determined to remain as speaker … …

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Episode #229: All In The Family

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and so we picked this week to spread some family love by playing some of our favorite segments from past broadcasts. We hear from two proud daughters. Shelley Moore Capito, the junior senator from West Virginia, reminisces about her late father, former Governor Arch Moore.  And Sheila Simon, the former lieutenant …

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Episode #226: 1968 — A Party Divided

A half-century later, 1968 remains etched in our collective memory, a year of tremendous hope and utter tragedy.  This week we take the second of three looks at that iconic year, focusing on the chaotic Democratic convention in Chicago. Ted Van Dyk, Hubert Humphrey’s top adviser, talks about how the vice president was boxed in …

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Episode #225: Republicans On The Run

Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision to retire after this year and endorse Kevin McCarthy as his successor normally would mean that the California Republican would be the odds-on favorite to become either the next speaker or the next House minority leader (depending how the GOP does in November).  But Seung Min Kim of the Washington Post says with the election …

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Episode #224: The Speaker Has Spoken

President Trump has never been shy about expressing his thoughts regarding the investigation into his 2016 campaign … and whether (1) Russia played a role in his election, and (2) whether his campaign colluded with the Kremlin to make it happen.  But this week’s action by the FBI, a raid on Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s …

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Episode #223: He Had A Dream

Fifty years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, and what have we learned?  What lessons has he taught us — and what lessons were ignored.  Wornie Reed, a professor at Virginia Tech who was with King in the 1963 March on Washington, assesses the slain civil rights leader. The trauma of 1968, which …

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