Episode #285: The Senate 2020, The President 1850

This week, we break down the key Senate races up in 2020. Plus, journalist Carl Cannon talks about his book, On This Date, recounting moments from political history. And we discuss the legacies of several former presidents of long ago: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Zachary Taylor, and Millard Fillmore.

Episode #284: Independents Day

We celebrate Independence Day by looking back at the significant independent presidential candidates of the past half century. Plus, we hear from a variety of political analysts and veteran politicians, and our listeners, on what being a political junkie means to them.

Episode #283a: Dems the Word in Miami

Democratic Debate lineup buttons

Round 1 of the Democratic debates is over. In this bonus episode, NPR’s Ron Elving joins Ken to recap how each of the candidates performed.

Episode #283: The Way We Were

The first Democratic candidate debates are this week, and we discuss what to look for as the candidates face off. Plus, does it matter that Joe Biden made nice with a Senate segregationist 40 years ago? And a GOP strategist offers his two cents on the Democratic field.

Episode #282: The Roaring Twenty

We’re days away from the first Democratic debate of the 2020 campaign. Now that we know the lineup for each night, what should we expect? Plus, we discuss the possibility of West Virginia’s Joe Manchin leaving the Senate, and of departing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders mulling a future run for governor of Arkansas. And we go back 20 years to remember Al Gore’s 2000 campaign for president.

Episode #281: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hyde

There are two weeks to go until the first Democratic debate, and about eight months until the Iowa caucuses. We look at the current state of the presidential race in Iowa. Plus, as the fights over abortion rights intensify, we explore why Joe Biden changed his position on the Hyde Amendment. And four years after Donald Trump descended that escalator and announced his run for president, we look back at why political analysts underestimated his campaign from the very beginning.

Episode #280: California, Here They Come (Mostly)

Fourteen candidates showed up last weekend at the California Democratic convention. We discuss who received a less-than-warm welcome, and how much attention went to Joe Biden, who skipped the event. Plus, an early preview of the race to take on Alabama Sen. Doug Jones. And former Rep. David Dreier talks about the influence his friend President Ronald Reagan had on his career.

Episode #279: The Speaker and the President – On Speaking Terms?

Does Robert Mueller’s decision to put President Trump’s future in the hands of Congress put more pressure on Nancy Pelosi?  Plus, a look back at the history of relationships between other presidents and House speakers. And former GOP Congressman Tom Coleman discusses his call for impeachment and what’s going on in his party today.

Episode #278: President de Blasio? Fuhgeddabowdit!

It’s been 46 years since the Roe decision, and abortion continues to be a political punching bag. We look back at the history of abortion in politics. Plus, has Michigan Republican Congressman Justin Amash risked his political future by calling for President Trump’s impeachment? And Mayor Bill de Blasio’s numbers are abysmal at home in New York City. What kind of a send-off is that for someone who wants to be president?

Episode #277: Fetal Attraction

Alabama’s new law that essentially bans all abortions is clearly intended to ignite a challenge of Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court. Could it lead to Roe being overturned? Plus, a preview of the battle for control of the Senate in 2020, and we explore which presidential candidates are likely to make the primary debate stage next month. And we reflect on the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education decision, 65 years later.

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