Episode #324: If You Liked 2020, You’ll Love 1960

We review the top political news of the week including the endorsements of Joe Biden by Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, plus analysis of how Wisconsin voters ousted a conservative Supreme Court justice. Plus, we go back 60 years to remember when also-ran presidential candidate Nelson Rockefeller insisted on platform changes before he would endorse Richard Nixon. And Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times talks about her new book, “Firsts,” about the class of women elected to the House in the 2018 midterm elections.

Episode #323: Presidents and Crises

Wisconsin voters were told to stay home because of the coronavirus and then told to go out and vote in the state’s primary. We discuss what put voters in the Badger State in this predicament. Plus, a personal account of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is getting high marks for keeping his state informed. And journalist Ken Walsh discusses his new book about how presidents (going back to FDR) have dealt with crises during their tenure.

Episode #322: Trump, Closer Than Six Feet Away

Jonathan Karl, chief White House correspondent for ABC News, discusses his new book describing what it’s like to watch Donald Trump up close. Lou Cannon, who during the Reagan presidency was the chief White House correspondent for the Washington Post, remembers the influence of John Sears, the Reagan strategist who died last week. And former Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) recalls what went into passing monumental campaign finance legislation, only to see it become defunct after Citizens United.

Episode #321: The Adult in the Room

Should media outlets continue covering President Trump’s briefings on the coronavirus live? Plus, the impact of several postponements of presidential primaries. And Steve Forbes reflects on his challenge to George W. Bush during the 2000 campaign and how the Republican Party has changed since.

Episode #320: The Virus and the Vote

Some states are postponing their primaries due to the coronavirus outbreak. What are the problems with this approach, and what are the solutions? And after last weekend’s Biden-Sanders debate, will audience-free debates be the new norm? Plus, earlier this month, the last surviving member of a Puerto Rican nationalist group that tried in 1954 to kill members of the House of Representatives died. We replay an interview with former Congressman Paul Kanjorski who was on the House floor that day.

Episode #319: Biden, Bernie … and Neal Conan

We discuss how the entrance of Steve Bullock into the Montana Senate race gives Democrats a chance at a much-needed pickup. Plus, did sexism contribute to the failed candidacy of Elizabeth Warren? And Neal Conan joins Ken to talk about the race for president and the changes in his life.

Episode #318: The Democrats’ B & B

Super Tuesday has come and gone, with Biden emerging as the big, and surprising, winner. We assess California’s decision to move up their primary earlier this year. And while many early voters cast ballots for candidates who later dropped out, do the pluses of early voting still outweigh the negatives? Plus, the history of super delegates in the Democratic party.

Episode #317: Will It Be Super for Bernie?

We analyze the final Democratic debate before the South Carolina primary. Plus, a preview of what’s happening on Super Tuesday in North Carolina, and could Elizabeth Warren have a tough battle ahead of her in her home state of Massachusetts? And we preview some key House and Senate primaries at stake on Tuesday.

Episode #316: Fear & Loathing & Stopping & Frisking in Vegas

We discuss the memorable lines, what we learned, and who benefited from the no-holds-barred Democratic debate in Las Vegas. Plus, analysis of the upcoming Nevada caucus and next week’s South Carolina primary. And is Senator Mitt Romney getting heat back home in Utah for his vote on impeachment?

Episode #315: What Keeps Democratic VPs From The White House?

The results of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary are in, so where does the race for the Democratic nomination go from here? Plus, a look ahead to next month’s Democratic primary rematch in Illinois’ 3rd District. And Gary Hart reminisces of what it was like to finish second in Iowa and go on to win New Hampshire 36 years ago.

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