Episode #412: Old McDaniel Told A Lie

How the Ronna McDaniel hiring turned NBC News into knots and revived the question about the advisability of hiring partisan voices on network news. And we rerun a wonderful 2017 interview with Joe Lieberman, who died last week.

Episode #411: A Sense Of Yuma After Sinema’s Departure

A review of the Arizona Senate race following the departure of incumbent Kyrsten Sinema. And a look at the key results from Super Tuesday. Plus, a review of a most unusual State of the Union address.

Episode #410: California Girls (And Guys)

A look ahead towards Tuesday’s primary to fill the Senate seat long held by the late Dianne Feinstein. Plus: Age and Biden, Sanity and Trump, and a Farewell by McConnell

Episode #409: Swift Paranoia Taylor-Made For MAGA

Rumors that Taylor Swift might endorse Joe Biden has led conservatives to lose their minds. And a look at Tuesday’s congressional race on New York’s Long Island to replace the irreplaceable George Santos.

Episode #406: Farewell To The Trailblazers

We hear from the biographers of two trailblazers who have left us, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. And we hear about an investigative podcast about Ohio’s greatest political scandal in history.

Episode #405: Pence Is Out; Is Choice In?

Election Day is on Tuesday, and we look at the race for governor in Kentucky and the battle for the state legislature in Virginia. Plus, Mike Pence is out, and Tommy Tuberville loses friends.

Episode #404: Master Of The House (For Now)

The ousting of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and replacing him, finally, with Mike Johnson, sets up two conversations this week: One, with a former California GOP lawmaker who bolted his party to vote for a Democratic House Speaker, only to be recalled for his efforts; and Two, a visit to the 1995 archives and a talk with a former Republican House leader analyzes the forced resignation of House Speaker John Boehner.

Episode #403: Goodbye To DiFi … And Kevin Too

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the longest serving woman in the history of the Senate and a trailblazer for women, has died at the age of 90. And Kevin McCarthy becomes the first House speaker in history to be ousted in a vote amongst his colleagues.

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