The 5 Best — And Worst — VP Picks Since 1960

We’ve known for quite some time the identities of the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees.  What we don’t know is whom Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will pick as their running mates. But ultimately, how much does it matter?  The selection of Geraldine Ferraro by the Democrats in 1984 was seen as one of the …

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Results From Key Primaries Held Tuesday

Voters in four states went to the polls on Tuesday; here are some key results: — In Colorado, Darryl Glenn, a county commissioner with strong support from the Tea Party, won the GOP nomination for the Senate in a surprise. Glenn, who is African American, was endorsed by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, among others. …

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Political Junkie at the 2016 National Conventions!

Exciting News!  The Political Junkie will be in both Cleveland AND Philadelphia next month for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions!  This will be the first time since we launched the show in 2013 that we’re taking the show on the road, and where better to start!  By all accounts, these will certainly be two …

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At Stake In Today’s Primaries

We can debate at some other point whether or not it’s premature to include the preferences of superdelegates in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Here’s what’s at stake in today’s primaries: — Presidential primaries in California (polls close at 11 pm Eastern), New Jersey (8 pm), New Mexico/South Dakota/North Dakota (9 pm) and …

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An Empty Celebration

There is something that is troubling me as I watch the Associated Press and the networks declare that Hillary Clinton has won enough delegates needed to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Maybe it’s just the way it ended. It’s not that I was rooting for her opponent.  I …

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The Senate Lineup — So Far

Yes, we’re all obsessed with the battle for the presidency, and that’s understandable.  Has there ever been a race like this one?  But there’s also a fight for the Senate that we need to pay attention to.  Currently, the Republicans hold a 54-46 advantage in the Senate, meaning the Democrats need a net gain of …

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That Political Junkie Podcast Music

Some of the most enthusiastic e-mails we get after each episode of the Political Junkie have been about the music we choose to include in each episode.  Most of the selections I pick myself, but every now and then I’ll get a note from my producer, Devin Robins (who is decidedly younger than I am), that …

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Another Historic Indiana Primary? Maybe Not This Year

The fact that it’s May and we’re still talking about the potential for the Indiana presidential primary to be significant is a good thing.  So often the battle for either or both nominations is long over by now and states like Indiana — which traditionally holds its primary in May — are long an afterthought. …

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T-Shirts, Buttons Now For Sale on the Political Junkie Store

For months, you’ve been asking for new Political Junkie T-shirts, and now we’re finally ready to make them available to you… plus a whole lot more! We’re excited to officially launch the Political Junkie Store, our new one-stop shop for Political Junkie T-shirts, buttons and collectibles! The way we see it, if you’re going to …

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Super Tuesday Poll Closing Times

Here’s what time the polls close today, Super Tuesday (all times Eastern): 7 pm — Georgia, Vermont, Virginia 8 pm — Alabama, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee 8:30 pm — Arkansas 9 pm — Colorado (D), Minnesota, Texas Midnight — Alaska (R)

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