Remembering Those Who Left Us In 2016

A year ago, when we compiled the list of politicians who died in 2015, we wrote, “Have you ever witnessed in your life a political year like 2015?  There’s no way to describe it.   An escalating decline of dignity, and civility.  And one wonders if 2016 will be any better.” It turns out, it wasn’t.  …

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From The Mailbag: Trump’s Cabinet Picks, Clinton’s Popular Vote Lead

A good time as any to open up the Political Junkie to questions from our readers and listeners. Q:  Donald Trump added three members of his administration from members of Congress.  Do the Democrats have a chance at taking over any of their seats? — Donna Thomas, Portland, Ore. A:  At this point I would …

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Meet Your New Members Of Congress

The reasons and factors behind the stunning victory of Donald Trump are still being debated in every home in the country, and that will undoubtedly continue for many through the Christmas holidays, the Inauguration and beyond.  It was that kind of election. But what was equally remarkable was the Republican Party’s success in both the …

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Who Dat? – M

It’s taken many of us several days to figure out what happened in Tuesday’s election — which has to rate as one of the most astounding results in presidential history.  So it may not be fair to now ask you to try and figure out who these “unknown” campaign buttons are for. As our fellow …

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What To Watch For On Election Day 2016

With perhaps few exceptions throughout history to point to, this has been the ugliest, slimiest, pettiest, most revolting and depressing presidential election in memory. It’s also been the most fascinating.  Here’s what we got. Breaking one glass ceiling after another, it was not much of a surprise that Hillary Clinton became the Democratic nominee this …

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Senate Race Prediction Contest

With the presidential race having lost some of its luster, the big game in town is the battle for control of the Senate.  Republicans, which currently hold a 54-46 majority, are defending 24 of the 34 Senate seats up this year.  Nearly everyone expects the GOP to lose seats in November, but will it be …

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