Who Dat? – G

The elections are over.  Winners have been congratulated, losers have been consoled.  It’s time to relax. WRONG!!  There are all these campaign buttons that need identifying. Every so often we come across campaign buttons for candidates we’ve never heard of.  How do we identify who they are?  And when we see a “Smith for Congress” …

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The Lessons Of 2014

The votes are still being counted in a handful of races around the country, the winners are still basking in their victories, the losers are trying to figure out what went wrong.  Of course, that hasn’t stopped those from already obsessing over 2016.  We’ll have plenty of time to prepare for those elections, both presidential …

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Most Eyes On Florida & Wisconsin Among 36 Governor Races

With most attention this year squarely on which party will control the Senate, it is understandable that the 36 states holding gubernatorial elections are taking a back seat.  But between the recent “fangate” flap in Florida and the presidential hopes of Wisconsin’s Scott Walker — not to mention that two of the last three presidents …

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